Hi. I am Stephan Greitemeier, a writer and narrative consultant from Berlin.

Since 2004 I have been crafting stories for different media, including television, cinema and computer games.

My passion is the creation of engaging worlds, plots and characters, no matter the medium. I started out in TV, but since then I have adapted to multiple media, including online and VR. My goal is to create big experiences for the audience, and to assist anyone who wants the same.


If you have an amazing project and need a skilled writer, please feel free to contact me.


If you would like to read some of my stuff, please click here to read my short sci-fi script PHOENIX.



Comedy has always been my forte. I got my first break right after university, when I dared to submit a spec script to the only show on TV I loved: „Switch Reloaded“. For 5 years I penned sketches and parodies for them, while writing movies as well. Since then I have written comedy for ProSieben/SAT 1,  WARNER BROS. ITVP and COMEDY CENTRAL.


When „Switch Reloaded“ was cancelled, I created „SuperNoobs“, the first German sitcom about online gaming. Our concept even won 1st prize at the Autorencamp+ for innovative audiovisual content. I have also been a contributor to shows like „TubeHeads“, „Bohemian Browser Ballet“ and DEUTSCHLAND 3000.


„SuperNoobs“ got the attention of the fledgling Berlin start up EXPERIMENTAL GAME. They were looking for a writer versed in both sitcom and games, to head their project „Genius & Evil“ – the world’s first interactive sitcom. I developed and wrote 13 episodes of season 1 as the lead writer. In 2016 I was asked by PHANTOM 8 to write the script for their psychological actionthriller „Past Cure“ that will soon premier on Playstation 4.


I have been consulting on several TV series, film scripts and game concepts. On most of these I was hired also as a script doctor or proper writer, bringing out the potential the projects had.


Since 2014 I have been part of the movement „Neuer Deutscher Genrefilm“, which is trying to bring back genres like fantasy, sci-fi or horror to this stern country in the middle of Europe. In 2015 we created the ARRI GENRE PITCH at our annual Genrenale, where aspiring talents from all over the world can pitch their genre ideas.

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