New Projects

The Veil (with Andreas Marschall)

Low Budget Horrorfilm.

– A middle class family on vacation in Greece faces a grave danger  when they save a seeming refugee woman. Taking her in with them turns their holidays into a nightmare, for underneath her black veil hides an inhuman creature. The teenage daughter has to team up with those true refugees who were the monster’s first victim, just to spare her family their fate.


Horror comedy.

– When a hapless German Neonazi is bitten by a Turk, a strange metamorphosis begins. Every half moon, he turns into a hot blooded Anatolian, the antithesis to his tightly wound alter ego. Both personalities fight for the same body, and to stop the „Curse of the Türkwülf“, the antihero must find – and kill – the true original: the legendary Ürwülf.

The Adventures of Young Van Helsing


– Long before he battles Dracula, a young and arrogant Abraham Van Helsing embarks on an expedition to the Balkan lands. Lead by a legendary huntress, and financed by a mysterious Austrian Lodge, the small group is about to discover the truth about vampires and werewolves. Creatures Van Helsing never believed in.

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